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Creative face swapping and role transformation.
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ChangeFace.ai is an artificial intelligence tool designed to enable users to seamlessly swap their faces with over 100 iconic images. Created by @markdoppler_, this tool allows users to upload a high-resolution solo photo where they are looking straight at the camera without glasses or eyewear for the best results.

With ChangeFace.ai, users have the option to generate eight images for free, or they can unlock access to a larger selection of images by purchasing a package of over 100 images for $7.99.

The platform showcases a wide variety of iconic figures across various fields, such as Tony Montana, Neil Armstrong, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, and many others.Beyond celebrity figures, ChangeFace.ai also offers the ability to place users' faces onto different professional roles, including language teachers, psychologists, fitness trainers, career counselors, nutritionists, travel consultants, medical doctors, legal advisors, and financial advisors.

Additionally, users can explore the tool's capacity to transform them into historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, and even fictional characters like Indiana Jones and Luke Skywalker.While ChangeFace.ai provides an entertaining way to see oneself in different contexts, it is important to note that the tool's primary purpose is for fun and creative self-expression rather than realistic depiction.


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