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Create personalized face swaps with ease, speed, and quality.
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Fakeface is an AI-powered online tool dedicated to the creation of face-swapped videos, photos, and GIFs. Leveraging robust AI models and agile computing technologies, it allows users to seamlessly integrate facial features into various media formats efficiently and with a high level of quality.

Just by following a three-step process of uploading the desired media (videos, photos, or GIFs), then a facial photo, users can quickly create personalized face swaps.

The platform prides itself on the authenticity of the face swaps it produces, promising clear results free of blur or distortion. Beyond its core functionality, Fakeface offers various features such as online playback, offline operation, and high-resolution support.

Users also benefit from its privacy protection measures and a rich ecosystem that includes diverse media templates and API services. Fakeface also incorporates a user-friendly feature that allows users to preview their face swap before finalizing, this ensures the results are as desired.

The platform is noted for surpassing other tools in the face swap field and is a preferred choice for those keen on high-quality face swap technology.


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Apr 28, 2024
This is the cheapest and best online faceswap online tool I have ever used!

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Pros and Cons


Efficient speed
High-quality output
Blur-free results
Online playback feature
Supports offline operation
High-resolution compatibility
Strong privacy measures
Diverse media template ecosystem
API services available
Preview before finalization
Superior than similar tools
Easy three-step process
Supports videos, photos, GIFs
Personalized face swaps
Authentic face swaps
No software installation needed
Reward system for invites
Seamless integration of facial features
Face swaps across various media


Offline operation limitations
Preview functionality limited
Requires multiple uploads
Risk of privacy violations
High-quality results not guaranteed
Usability issues with UI
Limited media formats support
Absence of free version
Rich ecosystem might overwhelm


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