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Vocal removal for karaoke or remixing.
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Remove Vocals from Any Song is a straightforward tool that allows users to easily eliminate the vocals from any song. This tool aims to assist individuals in creating karaoke tracks or instrumental versions of songs.

By using this tool, users can separate the vocals from the musical elements, resulting in a cleaner audio output. The tool appears to provide a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced individuals.While the specific features and functionalities are not explicitly mentioned in the text, this tool seems to focus solely on vocal removal and does not offer options like pitch or tempo adjustment.

It is important to note that the availability of the service may vary, as indicated in the text.As a tool for removing vocals, this offering may be useful for various purposes such as singing practice, remixing, or creating instrumentals.

It is relevant for individuals who may want to practice their singing skills by using familiar songs without the original vocals or for DJs looking to seamlessly mix tracks together.Overall, this tool provides a convenient solution for removing vocals from songs without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

Its simplicity and focus on one specific function make it a valuable resource for those seeking to work with audio tracks in a vocal-free format.


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Nov 15, 2023
It did a great job extracting audio from de music!

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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
Accessible for beginners
Accessible for experienced individuals
Creates cleaner audio output
Ideal for karaoke tracks
Usable for song remixing
Provides instrumental versions of songs
Helpful for singing practice
Useful for DJs mixing
Requires no extensive technical knowledge
Focused functionality
High-quality vocal removal
Can upload karaoke tracks
Regularly updated ('Last Uploads')
Top 50 trending remover
Comprehensive FAQ section
Abuse reporting system
Terms of Service clarity
Vocal-free audio work
Removes vocals from any song


No pitch adjustment
No tempo adjustment
Unavailable at times
No advanced features
Solely for vocal removal
No multitrack separation
No API offered
Highly specialized function
No customization options
No batch processing


What is the X-Minus Vocal Remover?
How do I remove vocals from a song using X-Minus?
Is X-Minus Vocal Remover easy to use for beginners?
What can I expect from X-Minus's output after removing vocals from a song?
Can I use X-Minus Vocal Remover to create instrumental versions of songs?
Who can benefit from using the X-Minus Vocal Remover?
Can I use X-Minus Vocal Remover for singing practice?
Is X-Minus Vocal Remover suitable for DJs who want to mix tracks together?
Does X-Minus Vocal Remover require any technical knowledge?
Does X-Minus Vocal Remover only offer vocal removal functions?
Does X-Minus offer solutions to change pitch or tempo?
Where can I sign up or sign in for X-Minus Vocal Remover?
Is there a help or FAQ page for X-Minus Vocal Remover?
What are the other services offered by X-Minus?
Why do I see a 'Service temporarily unavailable' message on the X-Minus website?
Can I report abuse on X-Minus?
Can someone familiarize me with the terms of service of X-Minus?
Can I upload Karaoke tracks on X-Minus?
Why is X-Minus called a 'simple vocal remover'?
How long has X-Minus's Vocal Remover tool been available?

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