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ByTony Allen
A personal co-pilot/tutor for Davinci Resolve
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Sample prompts:
Help me color match some footage
How can I get started with motion graphics in resolve?
Help me clean up audio
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Resolve Buddy is a GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) that serves as a personal co-pilot and tutor designed specifically for Davinci Resolve, a professional video editing tool.

This powerful GPT is designed to assist users in navigating and mastering various functionalities within the software. It accomplishes this by offering prompt starters and providing insightful responses to user queries.

Prominent use cases involve assistance in color matching footage, helping users to initiate with motion graphics, and providing guidance in cleaning up audio.

It's important to note that Resolve Buddy is designed to work in conjunction with ChatGPT, highlighting its role as an additional layer of support constructed on top of the base model.

Thus, it requires users to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription. By leveraging the capabilities of Resolve Buddy, users can streamline their editing processes and dive deeper into the functionalities of Davinci Resolve.

Whether you are a beginner struggling with the basics or a seasoned professional desiring a helping hand in perfecting your craft, Resolve Buddy can serve as a beneficial tool.

Consequently, it's not only a useful asset for practical resolution of technical issues, but also a proficient learning resource for getting the most out of Davinci Resolve.


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Resolve Buddy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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