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Create high quality videos for free on Chillin.
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Chillin is an AI-powered online video editor that allows users to create high-quality videos. Without watermarks, it offers a platform for generating professional videos up to 4k 60fps on desktop and 1080p60fps on mobile.

The video exporting speed is faster compared to other online editors, with support for resizing at various resolutions, ratios, and frames per second.

Chillin features a user-friendly interface implementing complex animations, effects, keyframes, transitions, and its powerful timeline assures lag-free movements, zooms, rotations, and timeline dragging.

The AI-driven capabilities extend to automated generation of captions for video or audio in more than 100 languages, and addition of caption animations to videos.

Users have the option of exporting captions as 'srt' files. For an enhanced editing experience, Chillin provides light and dark modes, and supports multiple languages.

The tool further supplements the users' workflows with design-oriented aids such as image compression, GIF compression, video format conversion, and conversion from video to GIF.


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Chillin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 4th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Watermark-free videos
Supports 4k 60fps desktop
1080p60fps on mobile
Fast video exporting
Resizing at various resolutions
Complex animations implementation
Keyframes support
Allows transitions
Lag-free interface
Supports zooms and rotations
Timeline dragging feature
100+ languages caption generation
Exports captions as srt
Caption animations feature
Light and dark modes
Multi-language support
Image compression tool
GIF compression tool
Video format conversion
Converts video to GIF
Professional video quality
Interactive user interface
Speeds 3 times faster
Preview via powerful timeline
Undo/redo functions
Integrated workflow tools
Desktop and mobile compatible
Supports different ratios, fps
Text to speech capability


Desktop limited to 4k 60fps
Mobile limited to 1080p60fps
Complex animations may intimidate users
No live chat support
Undefined pricing structure
Support for 100+ languages may lead to inaccurate translations
Dependent on internet connection
Automated captions may contain errors
No offline functionality
Potential privacy concerns for user data


What is Chillin?
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Can I use Chillin on mobile devices?
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Can Chillin create custom animations?
How does Chillin's interface handle zooms and rotations?
How does Chillin use AI?
Can Chillin automatically generate captions for videos?
What languages does Chillin's automated caption feature support?
Can I export captions as 'srt' files from Chillin?
Does Chillin offer both light and dark modes?
What workflow tools does Chillin provide?
Does Chillin support multiple languages?
Can my videos be resized on Chillin?
Does Chillin offer tools for image and GIF compression?
Can Chillin convert videos to GIFs?
What is the highest frames per second rate supported by Chillin?
Is there any watermark on videos edited with Chillin?
How does Chillin assure lag-free movements?
Does Chillin support video format conversion?

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