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Localized and edited videos.
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GhostCut is a professional AI video editing tool that can assist creators, merchants, and MCNs in achieving localized video marketing. With one click, GhostCut can complete video translation dubbing, hard subtitle translation, and video subtitle removal.

In addition, GhostCut can make your videos unique with tons of editing modes, such as video de-duplication and one-click multi-style. One of GhostCut's standout features is its smart text removal tool, which can intelligently remove hardcoded subtitles embedded in a video, making it easy to remove subtitles for creators who do not want them.

Additionally, GhostCut’s video translation and dubbing tool can translate the audio or subtitles into other languages with just one click, making it easy to reach global audiences.

GhostCut’s video de-duplication tool is useful in creating unique content by providing a range of editing modes to make videos stand out. The one-click multi-style editing mode allows creators to make one video in different styles, and can create several videos in different styles from one uploaded video.

Overall, GhostCut is a professional AI video editing tool that combines several video editing tools in one to assist creators, merchants, and MCNs with their video localization and marketing needs.


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GhostCut was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Localized video marketing
One-click video translation
Video translation dubbing
Hard subtitle translation
Video subtitle removal
Smart text removal
One-click multi-style editing
Range of editing modes
Video de-duplication
Subtitles to multiple languages
Reach global audiences
Several videos from one
Supports social media videos
Friendly to original content
Auto remove text from video
Video templates
Multiple styles of creativity
Vyees for social media platforms


Lacks 3D editing capabilities
No color grading options
Limited audio editing tools
No advanced transitions
May oversimplify video editing
Lacks VR editing
No storyboard interface
No collaboration features
Not optimized for large projects


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Does GhostCut have tutorials and resources to help users understand its features?

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