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Create authentic photos with your face.
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Pixu is an advanced AI-driven personalized photo generation and modification tool that allows users to create unique and personalized photos featuring their own faces.

The tool prides itself on maintaining a high degree of face likeness accuracy. Its capabilities extend beyond simple photo creation to offer a variety of other specialized functionalities such as face swapping, portrait restoration, and image upscaling.

Users can also convert their images into diverse art styles including manga, anime, comic, and painting among others, thus encouraging creative exploration.

Additionally, Pixu allows for photo restoration, which can be particularly useful for recovering blurry and out-of-focus faces. Another key feature is the Pixu Creator Studio which hosts an AI Photo generator with multiple modes for different use cases.

Users can type what they want to see, pick presets, or use templates to generate the desired images. Pixu is designed to simplify and enhance the image creation process, providing users with a seamless experience.


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Apr 24, 2024
Very addictive and so much fun!
Apr 24, 2024
Great place to make photos of people and generate images.

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Pros and Cons


High face likeness accuracy
Specialized functionalities (face swapping, portrait restoration, image upscaling)
Multiple art style conversions (manga, anime, comic, painting)
Photo restoration for blurry images
Pixu AI Creator Studio for image generation
Presets and templates for image generation
Ease of use and simplicity
Suitable for different use cases (social media, dating photos, business profiles)
Type to create (input words to generate images)
Face replacement in friend's photos or movie scenes
Transform photos to different art styles
Recover damages in photos


Limited to faces only
No multi-face support
No landscape generation
Lacks advanced editing tools
Art style conversion limitations
Photo restoration might falter
Predictability in composition mode
Potential privacy concerns
Rendering time
Exclusively online


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