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Online delivery of news from parallel universes.
Generated by ChatGPT

InfiniteNews is an AI-generated online news source that delivers breaking news from across the multiverse. The interdimensional news platform is based on artificial intelligence and produces segments, soundtracks, and video streams without human intervention.

The page is currently a work in progress, but the developers aim to bring more news segments in the future. The cookies policy on InfiniteNews specifies that the platform uses cookies to personalize content, remember preferences, analyze usage and improve products, and measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

The site also permits trusted third-party partners to access the user's device and obtain data or store and deliver personalized ads. The content generated by the AI does not reflect the views or opinions of the developers.

InfiniteNews allows users to support the platform on Patreon and make donations through The news source also has a chat room feature where users can interact and discuss the news.


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Interdimensional News was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates news automatically
Produces video streams
Allows user feedback
Patreon support available
Generates soundtracks
Interacts with chat rooms
Generates multiverse news
Unique news source
Allows Streamelements donations
Analyses user's usage
Personalized user content
Hosted on Twitch
Work in progress
Cookies for preferences
Third-party access
Live streaming
Consent based cookie management
Independent of developer views
Segment repetition due to GPU
Access to creators via Twitter
Personalized ad delivery
Able to measure campaign effectiveness
Option to manage cookies
User-community interactions via chat
Follow feature available
Sign up for personalised experience
Integrated Twitch functionalities


Work in progress
No human mediation
Third-party data access
Content not developers' opinion
Requires external donations
Repetitive content segments
Long content generation
Limited user interaction


How does InfiniteNews generate news?
What is the source of news for InfiniteNews?
How does the AI in InfiniteNews work?
How real-time are the news updates on InfiniteNews?
Does InfiniteNews publish news round the clock?
How is Interdimensional News different from other news sources?
What is the cookies policy of InfiniteNews?
Why does InfiniteNews have a chat room feature?
What can users expect to find in the InfiniteNews chat room?
How can users support InfiniteNews?
What donations options are available for InfiniteNews?
Who are the developers behind InfiniteNews?
Does the content generated by InfiniteNews reflect the views or opinions of the developers?
Why am I seeing repeated segments on InfiniteNews?
Is InfiniteNews mobile-friendly?
What kind of user data does InfiniteNews collect?
Why do third-party partners have access to my device on InfiniteNews?
Is InfiniteNews streamed on other platforms besides Twitch?
Are there possibilities of bias in the AI generated news on InfiniteNews?
What are the future plans for the development of InfiniteNews?


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