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Summarizing financial news within a specific date range.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Share a company or ticker and timeframe, and I'll summarize key financial news for you, starting with financial performance.
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Latest news from Federal Reserve (FEDS)
Financial news on Tesla
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Financial News Scrapper is a GPT that focuses on summarizing financial news within specific date ranges, primarily concentrating on the performance and related news aspects.

This GPT brings forth pertinent financial information, making it easier for the user to comprehend and make informed decisions without getting lost in the enormous volume of financial news present online.

The user provides a company name or stock ticker along with a timeframe, and this GPT then combs through the financial news related to the specified company or stock during that particular time period.

The result is a thoughtful summary of key financial news including notable happenings and performance indicators. The summaries provided by this GPT are specifically designed to offer users an overview of the financial landscape of the selected company or ticker.

In addition to company-specific news, the tool can also provide summaries of broader financial developments. For example, it can provide the latest news from monetary institutions like the Federal Reserve.

Hence, this GPT can be an effective tool for both individual investors tracking particular companies and market watchers keen on understanding wider economic trends.Please note that access to this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus subscription.

User-friendly and informative, the Financial News Scrapper GPT saves time while providing key financial insights at a glance. It is worth considering for anyone keen on streamlining their financial news analysis process.


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