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Personalized article discovery and reading on mobile.
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Waverly is a mobile reading application that enables users to discover content from sources they wouldn't find elsewhere. Powered by AI, Waverly's algorithm can analyze 10,000 sources, including specialized publications, blogs, and newsletters.

This allows users to focus on what is important rather than what is popular. Waverly's distraction-free reader removes all superfluous elements from the article, allowing users to fully focus on the content.

Additionally, users can highlight, annotate and summarize articles directly from the app. Waverly also provides users with a personalized feed that tracks industries, trends, and markets.

Users can create a custom recipe for their feed with the Wave feature, which is at the heart of the Waverly algorithm. Waverly is also great for executives, analysts, and researchers who need to track industry trends, competitors, policy news, etc.

to make informed decisions. Lastly, Waverly is great for community managers, thought-leaders and influential employees who need inspiring content to share, and for curious professionals and life-long learners who need to stay up to date with the latest developments in their field.


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Waverly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes 10,000 sources
Specialized publications included
Focuses on importance not popularity
Distraction-free reading
Highlights, annotates, summarizes articles
Personalized article discovery
Tracks industries, trends, markets
Customizable feed recipe
Apt for executives, analysts, researchers
Promotes industry trend tracking
Inspires community managers, thought-leaders
Encourages continuous learning
Perfect for life-long learners
Ideal for curious professionals
Customizable content control
Transparent recommendation algorithm
Attachments to emails, documents, CRM
Designed for mobile use
Aggregates blogs, newsletters
Marketable for thought leadership
Scalable for social channels
Innovative for policy news
Rapid market intelligence assistance
Powerful for competitive research
Optimal for engaged learning communities
User-driven content relevance


Mobile only
Requires JavaScript
No browser version
Personalization might miss diversification
No offline usage
iOS only
Limited content sources
No collaboration feature
No multi-language support
Missing integration with other platforms


What is Waverly?
How does Waverly's AI algorithm work?
What kind of sources does Waverly analyze?
How does Waverly help me focus on the content?
What features does Waverly offer to allow interaction with the articles?
How does the personalized feed in Waverly work?
What is the Wave feature in Waverly?
Who is Waverly intended for?
What kind of industries and markets can I track using Waverly?
Can I use Waverly to discover content for my social media sharing?
How does Waverly help me stay updated in my field?
Can I use Waverly for my business to track competitors and policy news?
Does Waverly allow me to attach my work to emails or my CRM?
What does the distraction-free reader in Waverly do?
What devices can I use Waverly on?
Is Waverly available on the App Store?
What does the 'Read with Intention' tagline for Waverly mean?
Can I control the content that Waverly shows me?
How does Waverly cut through the noise of online content?
What benefits does Waverly offer over traditional reading applications?


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