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Deep News is a GPT that provides users with real-time news and trending stories from a variety of domains including tech, sports, business, culture, crypto, and international affairs.

It functions as an intelligent news assistant that facilitates users to select a topic of their interest and gain further insights into it. This GPT utilizes the functionalities of the ChatGPT Plus to maintain its operations, requiring users to subscribe for access.

It offers an interactive experience allowing users to ask follow-up questions about any specific story, thereby enabling a deeper comprehension of the subject matter.

Deep News is designed to help users stay informed and updated about the latest happenings across diverse fields. It offers prompt starters like 'Top news for today?', 'AI and tech news', 'Major market-moving news', 'What happened in sports last night?', 'Top science & bio news' which allow users to navigate the expanse of news swiftly and efficiently.

Deep News leverages the advanced capabilities of GPT technology to deliver precise and personalized news information directly drawn from its primary source,

With Deep News, the users are not just reading the news, but actively engaging with it, delving deeper into the topics that intrigue them and learning more in the process.


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Deep News was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 15th 2024.
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