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Transform your business with AI genies.
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Textify is an AI technology platform built to address a variety of challenges across industries. The company's mission is to transform the power of artificial intelligence into intuitive, user-centric tools, described as 'AI genies'.

Each of these AI genies are tailored to solve unique business challenges, with the aim of streamlining work processes and unlocking new possibilities.There are multiple solutions provided by the platform including 'Room Genie' for improving hotel services and 'News Genie' that applies AI in financial markets to extract wisdom and analyse market trends.

There are also an array of resources and blogs provided to support and educate users on various topics related to AI, technology, and digital trends. Textify also works towards the democratization of AI tool development.

They strive to make the process accessible to anyone, with a goal to build high-quality AI tools that can be distributed and monetized through their AI membership platform.

It employs cutting-edge AI technology with a user-friendly interface, aiming to make artificial intelligence feel like 'magic' to its users.


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Pros and Cons


Vast application in various fields
Resources for user education
API for hotel services
API for market trends
User-friendly interface
Free access to new releases
Partnership opportunities
Backed by reputable companies
NLP for machine understanding
Investment opportunities
Streamlined work processes
Applications in healthcare and education
Industry-specific solutions
Tools for financial markets
Tools for hotel services
Business productivity tools


Complex navigation
Overloaded with information
Impersonal user support
Limited tool range
Can't customize tools
Investment required
No clear pricing
Monetization not clear
Dependent on partners
No offline functionality


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What resources and blogs does Textify provide for user support?
How does Textify contribute towards the democratization of AI tool development?
What industries can benefit from Textify's AI tools?
What is Textify's mission?
How easy-to-use is Textify’s AI interface?
How does Textify envision the future of AI?
Who are the supporters and partners of Textify?
How can I become a placement partner with Textify?
What unique business challenges can Textify's AI genies solve?
How do I invest in Textify?
What are the commercial benefits of using Textify’s services?

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