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Deciphr is a content creation and management tool designed specifically for podcasters. Using artificial intelligence, it provides an extensive range of features to streamline the podcast content workflow, helping creators improve the efficiency and reach of their creations.

Key features include the ability to automatically generate transcripts of podcast episodes, create concise summaries and show notes, and produce engaging blog posts and articles from episode content.

Deciphr also enables users to create eye-catching audiograms and video reels to amplify their content's reach. Another interesting feature is its ability to generate captivating captions for social media platforms from the same content.

In addition, it allows for easy editing and drafting prompts, enabling creators to focus less on manual tasks, and more on creating impactful content.

It is trusted by a variety of recognizable companies across multiple industries, suggesting a proven and reliable service. While it offers a free trial, pricing details are available for those who wish to continue using the service after the trial period.

Deciphr AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Simplifies podcast production
Provides detailed timestamps
Generates show notes
Saves 8+ hours
Free to use
End-to-end encryption
Accessible via website & app
Provides audio summaries
Generates blog posts
Creates audiograms
Produces video reels
Generates social media captions
Allows batch uploading
Automatic transcription service
Summary generation
Trusted by recognized companies
Free trial available
Offers easy editing
Generates drafting prompts
Streamlines Content Workflow
Improves efficiency
Amplifies content reach
Instant Audiograms creation
Viral Clips Creation
In-app personalization
Fast content production
Effortless editing feature
Voice Command feature
Accurate transcriptions
Rapid transcript generation
Fraction of podcast transcription time
Wide output options with one file


No offline access
No language options
No integration with podcast platforms
No API available
Lacks advanced editing tools
No voice recording feature
No multi-user collaboration
Lacks user personalization
Undefined pricing after trial
No customer support mentioned


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Does Deciphr offer editing and drafting prompts?
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