News summaries 03 Apr 2023
News aggregation and summarization.

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Paragrapho is a convenient app designed to keep users informed and up-to-date by aggregating news articles from multiple sources. Utilizing artificial intelligence technology, this app efficiently generates concise summaries of these articles, containing 100 words or less.

Think of it as a trailer for news articles, enabling users to quickly grasp the essential information without having to read the full articles. By condensing the content into bite-sized paragraphs, Paragrapho offers a streamlined reading experience, particularly useful for users with limited time or those who prefer a brief overview of the news.The application aims to enhance information consumption by presenting news in a digestible format that allows users to stay informed in a time-efficient manner.

With the ability to summarize articles from various sources, Paragrapho provides users with comprehensive news coverage across different topics and perspectives.

By aggregating articles and utilizing AI to generate summaries, the app allows users to cut through the noise, eliminating the need to visit multiple sources and independently sift through lengthy articles.Overall, Paragrapho caters to individuals who want to stay updated without investing excessive time and effort in reading full news articles.

It offers a convenient and efficient solution, enabling users to consume news in a concise and summarized format.

Paragrapho was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Aggregates news from multiple sources
Concisely summarizes articles
Streamlined reading experience
Time-efficient news consumption
Comprehensive news coverage
Eliminates need to visit multiple sources
Suited for users with limited time
Cut-through-the-noise feature
Convenient digestible format
Presents varied perspectives
Available on Android and iOS


Limited to 100-word summaries
No full article access
No user customization options
May provide biased summaries
Lacks advanced search filters
No offline mode
No available API
No multi-language support
Lacks source selection feature
No dark mode option


What is Paragrapho?
What are the key features of Paragrapho?
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Who is the target audience for Paragrapho?
Is Paragrapho suitable for users with limited time?
What types of news topics does Paragrapho cover?
Does Paragrapho provide comprehensive news coverage?
Can Paragrapho eliminate the need to visit multiple news sources?
How does Paragrapho enhance information consumption?
Does Paragrapho present news in a digestible format?
Is Paragrapho available on both Android and iOS platforms?
How does Paragrapho cater to users who want brief news overviews?
What makes Paragrapho efficient in news consumption?
Why is Paragrapho compared to a trailer for news articles?
How does Paragrapho help users stay updated with less time investment?
Is the news delivered in Paragrapho up-to-date?
Does Paragrapho offer a streamlined reading experience?
How does Paragrapho cut through the noise of lengthy articles?

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