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Sembly, your smart AI team assistant for meetings.
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Sembly AI is an intelligent tool primarily designed to enhance productivity during and after meetings. The core functionality of Sembly AI involves the recording and transcription of meetings, and the generation of smart summaries.

This tool is compatible with popular meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. One of the highlighted features of Sembly AI is its ability to convert meetings into searchable records, with the help of keywords, key items, or the list of attendees, making past discussions easily traceable.

Using high-accuracy transcription and speaker identification, meetings can be turned into detailed notes, that are time-stamped and devoid of filler words.

Sembly AI also offers multi-language support, catering to users with diverse lingual preferences. Interoperability is another pro, as it allows direct streaming of meeting insights to many task management tools.

Furthermore, it automatically identifies activities, tasks, and projects discussed during the meeting and assigns them appropriately with deadlines. Another unique feature is the embedded Semblian, a chatbot that is capable of crafting personalized messages summarising the key points of a meeting.

It can also provide insights into meeting efficiency, helping management optimise internal processes.

Sembly AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Records and transcribes meetings
Generates smart summaries
Compatible with Zoom
Compatible with gMeet
Compatible with MS Teams
Compatible with Webex
Automatically attends meetings
Detects action items
Detects decisions
Pinpoints important topics
Speaker identification
Clears filler words
Unique 'Glance View meeting summary'
Automates follow-ups
Integration with Slack
Integration with Trello
Integration with ToDo Apps
Available as web application
Available as iOS app
Available as Android app
Available as Chrome extension
High ease of use
Secure sharing
Searchable meeting records
High-accuracy transcription
Multi-language support
Direct streaming of meeting insights
Automatic task assignment
Embedded Semblian chatbot
Meeting efficiency insights
Flexible data retention options
Manager View feature
Workspace Analytics Dashboard
Supports ad-hoc meetings
Supports pre-recorded meetings import
Google and Outlook calendars sync
Proxy attendance feature
Direct recording from microphone
Voice identification
Voice commands
Sembly agent pause and stop
Multi-Task management tool integrations
Personal productivity automations
CRM automations
Enterprise-grade security
GDPR compliant
SOC 2 Type II certified


Limited language support
Data retention limitations
Dependence on voice commands
Limited customization options
Risk of misinterpretation
May miss context during discussions
Privacy concerns
Limited support for offline conversations
Limited workspace member capacity
Unclear voice identification feature


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