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Generates summaries from code.
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Scribe AI is an extension for Visual Studio Code that allows programmers to use ChatGPT or GPT right inside the code editor. The extension provides AI-powered assistance to enhance and automate coding. Programmers can use the AI programming assistant for various tasks such as understanding complex code, modifying and improving code, and generating comments for code. Users can highlight a piece of code and use the plus icon to open a chat window to start talking with Scribe AI just like ChatGPT. All conversations are saved in the workspace as notes.

The extension's latest update includes features such as Ask AI, where programmers can type any question related to their code and get a response from the AI. Users can also use the AI Edit feature to modify their code according to their instructions. The note-taking feature allows programmers to add notes inside conversations that are not sent to the AI. Settings can be changed to switch between ChatGPT and GPT and change API keys. However, currently, the extension is using Codex instead of ChatGPT's official API due to reliability issues. Overall, Scribe AI is a useful tool for programmers looking to automate and enhance their coding experience with AI assistance.

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Scribe AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrated with Visual Studio
Generates summaries from code
Assists with understanding complex code
Enhances and automates coding
Enables code modification
Facilitates code improvement
Generates comments for code
Interactive chat with tool
Retainable conversation notes
Supports code editing via tool
Switchable between ChatGPT and GPT
Flexible API key configuration
Uses reliable Codex API
Simulates ChatGPT using GPT models
Preserves workspace on settings changes
Supports various programming languages


Inconsistent API use
Limited to Visual Studio
Reliability issues
Dependence on external APIs
May disrupt code formatting
Limited language support
Relies on extension system
Requires manual API switch
Bug dependency on VSCode updates


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Why is Scribe AI currently using Codex instead of ChatGPT's official API?
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How can I get support if I face issues while using the Scribe AI extension?

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