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Generated and analyzed content for social media.
Generated by ChatGPT

Multytude for Creators is an AI tool that assists creators in generating content ideas, scrapbooking content, analyzing live chats, summarizing comments, and identifying mentioned brands within less than a minute.

The tool can optimize metadata and suggest titles, descriptions, and a suggested script for better platform posting. The creators can explore the mentioned brands by getting a list of brands suitable to partner with or should avoid based on their audience's preferences.

Using the tool, creators can analyze their live chats and collect fan feedback in real-time. Additionally, they can save the desired content ideas to their scrapbook and get personalized video ideas for their channels.

Multytude for Creators offers a free tier with 3 free coins per month as well as Starter and Creator tiers with 10 and 50 coins per month, respectively, at an affordable price.

The tool has been utilized by social media influencers with Instagram and YouTube channels. Multytude for Creators provides a time-efficient solution to creators' content generation and analysis needs.


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Pros and Cons


Generates content ideas
Analyze live chats
Breaks down comments
Identifies mentioned brands
Provides suitable partner list
metadata optimization
Brand avoidance lists
Real-time feedback collection
Scrapbooking content
Personalized video idea generator
Affordable tier pricing
Popular among influencers
Summarizes comments
Suggests posting scripts
Platform-specific content development
Email templates for outreach
Live chat analysis
Content moderation assistance


Only supports Instagram, YouTube
Limited free tier
Requires coin system
No mobile app mentioned
No multi-language support mentioned
No advanced behavior analysis
Automated suggestions may lack creativity
No transparent model explanation
May miss platform-specific context
Limited influencer testimonials


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