Condenses voice notes in chats.

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VNSplit is an AI tool that provides detailed summaries of voice notes across different messaging platforms such as iMessage and WhatsApp, eliminating the need to listen to lengthy voice notes.

With VNSplit, users can subscribe to any plan, provide their iMessage or WhatsApp number to Stripe, and receive a message from the AI bot. Users can forward any voice message to that number, and in seconds, they will receive a detailed summary of the audio.

VNSplit is a privacy-focused tool that deletes all audio messages immediately after they have been summarized and does not store any summarized text sent to users.

It's lightning-fast and aims to deliver results in as low as 2 - 20 seconds depending on the length of the audio. The tool currently supports over 50 languages, and summaries can be provided with extreme accuracy.

There is no need to download an app to use VNSplit, making it easy for users to get started within seconds. The cheapest plan available is around $2/month, and users can manage their subscriptions through the Stripe subscription portal.

The tool's multilingual support enables it to summarize voice notes in ten different languages, and it works on WhatsApp as well. Overall, VNSplit is an efficient, reliable, and privacy-focused tool that simplifies the process of listening to lengthy voice notes on iMessage and WhatsApp.

VNSplit was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports 50+ Languages
No App download needed
Works on iMessage, WhatsApp
Detailed voice note summaries
Fast results (2-20 seconds)
Privacy-focused (No data storage)
Affordable ($2 per month)
Manageable subscriptions via Stripe
10 languages for summarization
Deletes audio messages instantly
Doesn't store summarized texts
Group messaging in premium plans
Changes in phone number accommodated


Requires subscription
No free plan
No app
Payment information to third-party
Limits on language support
Forwarding process not seamless
Relies on message forwarding
Doesn't support all messaging platforms
Time for summaries varies
Requires phone number


What is VNSplit?
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Does VNSplit store the summaries it provides?
Which messaging platforms does VNSplit support?
How many languages can VNSplit provide summaries in?
How do I forward my voice notes to VNSplit?
Why does VNSplit require my WhatsApp or iMessage number?
What is the cost to use VNSplit?
How do I manage my VNSplit subscription?
Does VNSplit offer a free plan?
Do I need to download an app to use VNSplit?
How does billing work for VNSplit?
What's the length of time it takes to get a summary from VNSplit?
Is multilingual support available in VNSplit?
What measures does VNSplit take to ensure my privacy?
What happens if I change my phone number?
Can I use VNSplit for group messaging?
Can VNSplit summarize non-English voice notes?

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