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SciSummary is a cutting-edge AI-driven summarization tool designed to make digesting scientific articles easier. It enables users to quickly and accurately understand complex scientific articles without having to read the full text.

To use the service, users can email a text, a link, or even attach a PDF and within minutes they will receive a summary in their inbox. The service is powered by a custom-tuned GPT-3 model that learns as it goes, with a team of PhDs analyzing requested summaries and guiding the training of the model.

It is currently in a public beta, and users are encouraged to rate their summaries. SciSummary was founded in 2023 with the mission of making digesting scientific articles easier.

Scisummary was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 28th 2023.
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Ivana González
· Aug 24, 2023
I'm still testing the tool yet it looks very promising. I tested it with a 5.5k words Academic text that I had previously red. I tested the Key points feature, it does work!
· Jul 17, 2023
Cost me £2.17 but to be fair i did need a 267 page legal document paraphrased. took like 10 minuets but the output was really good.
· Jul 11, 2023
impressive results
Anabel Benítez
· May 27, 2023
Traté de usarlo una vez pero al parecer mi artículo era demasiado largo (28 páginas a doble linea) por lo que requería un pago de mas de un dolar o suscribirme.
Max B Heckel
· Apr 30, 2023
Awesome site, saved so much time.

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Pros and Cons


Digests scientific articles
Quick summarization
Accepts email submission
Accepts links and PDFs
Delivers summaries via email
Custom-tuned GPT-3
Continuous learning
PhD team supervision
User rating encouraged
Public beta access
Founded in 2023
Assists scientists
Helpful for students
Informs science enthusiasts
Time-saving tool
Stay updated with research
Easily understand complex articles
Free public beta
Request for user feedback
Easy sign-up process
Accessible customer service
Detailed privacy policy
Clear terms of service
Newsletter subscription available


No offline access
Requires email interaction
Limited to scientific articles
No direct web interface
Relies on user ratings
Model training transparency lacking
No multi-language support
Lacks mobile application
Only text summaries
Public beta reliability issues


What is SciSummary?
What functionalities does SciSummary offer?
How can I use SciSummary to summarize a scientific article?
What type of AI model does SciSummary use?
How does SciSummary's AI model learn?
How long does it take to receive a summary from SciSummary?
Can I send a PDF to SciSummary for summarization?
What is SciSummary's current development stage?
How can I register for SciSummary's public beta?
Are users able to rate the summaries generated by SciSummary?
What's the cost of using SciSummary?
Who are the founders of SciSummary?
What is the mission of SciSummary?
How can I contact SciSummary?
Is there a privacy policy for SciSummary?
What are the terms of service for using SciSummary?
Can I blog in to SciSummary?
Who is the target audience of SciSummary?
What was the launch year for SciSummary?
How does SciSummary aid scientific understanding?

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