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Video Highlight
Extracting key points for efficient video note-taking.

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Video Highlight is a revolutionary AI-powered tool that is reinventing how we interact with video content. Compatible with platforms like YouTube, it presents a simple solution to the often cumbersome process of summarizing and notetaking from videos.

At its core, the platform employs an advanced AI technology to extract and distill the key points from any video. The result is a precise, time-stamped summary that enables the user to quickly identify and return to key moments. This feature alone transforms video consumption, turning a linear experience into a non-linear exploration that can be customized to fit the user's needs.

The system's user-friendly interface comes with the additional benefit of skimming through the video's transcripts. Here, users can easily pinpoint specific details, further enhancing their ability to find the information they need without endlessly rewinding or fast-forwarding.

Video Highlight also stands out by enabling users to add screenshots to their notes. This function allows a visual representation of crucial moments to be captured and referenced later, making information retrieval even more efficient.

One of the most potent features of Video Highlight is its compatibility with popular productivity tools. Notes can be exported directly into Notion or Roam Research, or synced with Readwise, creating a streamlined research experience.

Users will soon have the ability to upload their own videos and interactively query the content. This feature will help Video Highlight become an essential tool for anyone who regularly interacts with video content, from researchers, to students and lifelong learners.

By shifting the focus away from time-consuming transcription and manual video navigation, it frees up users to delve into the joy of exploration, analysis, and thorough content absorption.

Video Highlight is freely accessible, offering enhanced features upon opting for a premium upgrade.
Video Highlight was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 31st 2023.
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Linda Kolean
· Sep 15, 2023
I was able to get a summary for a half hour video in just under 2 minutes. An hour long video took 5 minutes. Saved me a phenomenal amount of time having to watch videos for courses!
ranjit Kharpadiya
· Aug 6, 2023
Azorian Project
· May 12, 2023
I found it very useful. I tried a few videos and it worked well for me. The one on their homepage is pretty good
Lea becker
· Apr 24, 2023
Ai hallucinating The summary did not have anything in common with the video (except the overall topic which is also the name of the video). Really bad.

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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
Extracts key points
Transcripts and timestamps
Quick content skimming
Add screenshots to notes
Compatible with YouTube
Exports notes to Roam Research, Notion, Evernote
Connects with Readwise accounts
Improves research efficiency
Minimises transcription efforts
Optimized for desktop use
Facilitates deeper engagement with videos
Scans text faster than video
Highlights videos like articles or books


Only for desktop
Only compatible with YouTube
Can't handle surge in demand
No mobile application
Limited export destinations
No multi-language support
Can't edit timestamps
No offline mode
Potential for transcription errors
No free version


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Is Video Highlight optimized for desktop use?
How does Video Highlight facilitate efficient video note-taking?
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What efforts is the Video Highlight team making to improve their infrastructure?
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Does Video Highlight offer transcripts and timestamps for video content?
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