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Turn audio or video into clips, blog posts, newsletters and more.
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Swell AI is a versatile tool designed to repurpose audio or video content across multiple marketing channels. Its principal function involves transforming podcasts or videos into diverse output formats such as transcripts, clips, show notes, articles, summaries, titles, newsletters, and social posts.

This tool provides an easy-to-use interface where users can upload their media files, generate content, and export it to any desired channel. Users also have the liberty to preset their brand voice and form reusable content templates.

The platform facilitates the management of multiple shows in a single dashboard. To enhance the user experience, Swell AI includes a sophisticated transcript editor which allows users to highlight and clip sections of transcripts and saves these clips automatically for team access.

Additionally, Swell AI recognizes individual speakers and labels them automatically in the transcript. It also comes with a public sharing feature which enables users to share their work with either their team or the wider public.

Swell AI is suitable for those looking to streamline content creation from audio or video sources and optimize it for various marketing purposes.

Swell AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 26th 2023.
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May 28, 2024
Rated it
Great product! Summaries, social media content, promo content and more, all generated once we upload our episode. It's saved us a ****load of time!!

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Pros and Cons


Automates content writing
Content from podcasts and videos
Generates summaries, transcripts
Creates show notes, social media posts
Produces SEO-ready content
Long format, readable content
Offers API integration
Handles Apple Podcast and RSS feed import
Exports to Dropbox or Google Drive
Chat interface powered by ChatGPT
Different pricing plans
Free sign up with limited usage
Useful for podcasters, content creators, businesses
Streamlines podcast post-production, content writing
Versatile content repurposing
Generates clips, blogs, newsletters
Presettable brand voice
Reusable content templates
Multi-show management in dashboard
Transcript editor for highlighting, clipping
Automatically saves clips
Automatically labels speakers in transcript
Public sharing feature
Can be optimized for varying marketing purposes
Detailed LinkedIn, Twitter posts generation
Article generation from YouTube videos
Affiliate program
Option to schedule demos
Generate and export content easily
1-Click transcript shareability
Ideal for content SEO
Unlimited video clips and audiograms
Templates for content generation
Chatbot for engaging with audience
Integrates with popular platforms and services
Enterprise API for scaling production
Allows managing multiple podcasts
Supports bulk import and backfill
Facilitates social media posting
Generate content in varying formats
Trained chatbot for each uploaded episode
REST API for workflow integration
Allows presetting brand voice
Supports project creation for podcast management
Detailed SEO ready articles
Posts ready to publish to blog
Content templates that can be reused


Limited free plan
No customer support for hobby plan
Charges per minute transcription
Limited import/export options
Speaker labeling might be flawed
Timezone issues with developer team
Potential compatibility issues with specific podcast platforms
No multi-language support
Limited brand voice customization
Sophistication of chatbot chatGPT uncertain


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