Slack summaries 23 Oct 2022
Slack conversation summarization.

Generated by ChatGPT

theGist AI is a powerful tool that helps users manage their work information overload by generating personalized summaries of Slack threads and channels.

It uses a combination of AI and deep learning algorithms to quickly produce summaries of conversations and topics, allowing users to quickly catch up on important discussions without having to go through each message.

It also supports a variety of Slack integrations, allowing users to organize insights from bots. Additionally, theGist for Gmail is coming soon. Privacy and security are top priorities for theGist AI, and the company is committed to protecting user data.

Thegist was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 8th 2023.
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3 alternatives to Thegist for Slack summaries

Pros and Cons


Summarizes Slack threads
Summarizes Slack channels
Personalized summaries
Quick summary generation
Slack integrations supported
Organizes bot insights
Gmail integration coming soon
Prioritizes privacy and security
Deep learning algorithms
Handles work information overload
One-click summarization
Insights from supported bots
Saves time for users
Helps catch up quickly
Effective for active/inactive channels


Limited to Slack integration
No Gmail integration yet
Only summarizes text
Unclear supported bots
May miss conversation nuances


What is theGist AI?
How does theGist AI work?
What exactly can theGist AI summarize?
Does theGist AI support integrations?
Does theGist AI only work with Slack?
How can I add theGist AI to my Slack workspace?
Can theGist AI produce summaries of any Slack thread or channel?
What is theGist for Gmail?
Is there a way to manage information overload with theGist AI?
How does theGist AI use deep learning?
What kind of summaries can I expect from theGist AI?
Can theGist AI organize insights from Slack bots?
How does theGist AI prioritize privacy and security?
What type of data does theGist AI need access to?
What companies use theGist AI?
Is there a blog or resource section for theGist AI?
How much does theGist AI cost?
Is a career with theGist AI an option?
What user data does theGist AI protect?
What are the terms of use and privacy policy of theGist AI?

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