Link summaries 06 Apr 2023
Summarized links with no clicking needed.

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LinklessGPT is a Chrome extension that provides link summaries without the need to click on the link. By installing this tool, users can easily get information about any link anywhere on the internet.

This is achieved by plugging in the user's own OpenAI key. The tool offers a one-time purchase option, with no monthly fees, providing users with lifetime access.

This tool is compatible with Google Chrome and is designed for ease of use, enabling users to access link summaries without having to navigate away from the page they are currently on.

The tool is available for purchase online and will be delivered to the user via email. LinklessGPT is suitable for users who frequently browse the internet and need to extract information from links without losing track of their current activity.

This can help save time and increase productivity. Additionally, the tool is suitable for individuals who are privacy-conscious, requiring no third-party servers to access link summaries.

Overall, LinklessGPT is an effective and efficient tool for individuals and organizations who need to access link summaries without having to click on links, enabling users to gain insights quickly and conveniently.

With a one-time purchase option, it offers long-term value and convenience.

Linklessgpt was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Provides link summaries
No need to click links
One-time purchase
No monthly fees
Lifetime access
Ease of use
Delivered via email
Suitable for frequent internet users
Increases productivity
Privacy-conscious, no third-party servers
Long-term value
Quick insights


Only compatible with Chrome
Doesn't summarize non-link text
No free trial offered
Purchase can't be refunded
Extensions may slow browser
Limited to text links
No multi-device support


What is LinklessGPT?
How does LinklessGPT work?
Do I need to install anything to start using LinklessGPT?
What exactly do I get when I purchase LinklessGPT?
Is LinklessGPT a one-time payment or a subscription?
Is LinklessGPT compatible with all browsers or just Google Chrome?
What do I need in order to use LinklessGPT?
What is an OpenAI key and why do I need it for LinklessGPT?
Does LinklessGPT use third-party servers to access link summaries?
Is LinklessGPT suitable for individuals who are privacy-conscious?
Does the use of LinklessGPT require me to navigate away from my current page?
How can LinklessGPT help in increasing productivity?
How is the information from LinklessGPT delivered to me?
Can LinklessGPT help me if I frequently browse the internet?
Why should I consider using LinklessGPT?
Is LinklessGPT available worldwide or only in specific regions?
What kind of support does LinklessGPT offer its users?
Do I require any technical expertise to use LinklessGPT?
How can I make a purchase of the LinklessGPT license?
Who is the creator of LinklessGPT?

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