Review Hero
Summarizes Amazon reviews for informed choices.

Generated by ChatGPT

Review Hero is an AI-powered Chrome extension that summarizes Amazon product reviews using ChatGPT. The extension analyzes a list of reviews and displays a summary on top of the product details page.

This tool is useful for both Amazon sellers and customers. For sellers, it provides an overall summary of the reviews that customers see for their products.

For customers, it helps them make quick decisions about whether to add a product to their cart or not. The Product Review Summary appears in the local Amazon-supported language for the country, such as Spanish for Amazon Mexico and English for Amazon US.

This tool supports product detail pages in Amazon US, UK, DE, JP, FR, IT, ES, NL, IN, SG, AU, MX, and BR.For a limited time only, Review Hero does not require a ChatGPT API key.

Users can install the extension and start summarizing Amazon reviews. Additionally, Review Hero does not collect or use any user data, making it a privacy-friendly tool.Overall, Review Hero is an efficient and practical tool for Amazon users who want to quickly summarize product reviews and make informed buying or selling decisions.

Review Hero was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Summarizes product reviews
Helps quick decision making
Summary in local language
Supports multiple countries
No ChatGPT API key required
No user data collection
Useful for Amazon sellers
Efficient tool for customers
No need for manual review
Helps save time
Cuts through review inundation
Alerts on overlooked product issues


Chrome extension only
Limited time without API key
Language based on Amazon country
Only supports certain Amazon domains
No mobile version
Limited to Amazon reviews
Small user base
No feature customization
API key needed eventually
No real-time review updates


What does Review Hero do?
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Does Review Hero provide summaries in multiple languages?
What Amazon regions does Review Hero support?
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Does Review Hero collect or use any user data?
How is Review Hero installed on my browser?
What kind of reviews can Review Hero summarize?
How is the summary generated by Review Hero displayed on the product details page?
Can Review Hero be used on any Amazon product detail page?
Does Review Hero analyze all the reviews of a product?
How reliable are the summaries provided by Review Hero?
Does Review Hero work with Amazon's customer review rating system?
How often is the Review Hero Chrome extension updated?
Does the Review Hero extension slow down my browser?
Can I use Review Hero on mobile devices?
What does it mean that Review Hero is a privacy-friendly tool?
Are there any plans to support more languages or regions?

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