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Reflect AI
Encrypted note-taking synced and tracked.

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Reflect is a powerful note-taking app that uses GPT-4 to help users store their thoughts, books, and meetings efficiently. The app is designed to enable users to capture ideas quickly, sync notes across devices in real-time, and keep track of meetings and agendas with calendar integration.

The app also supports custom prompts. Reflect also provides end-to-end encryption, so users know that only they have access to their notes. Furthermore, the app allows users to easily backlink notes, form a graph of ideas, capture snippets from browsers and Kindle, and share anything they write with one click.

Reflect App, LLC. is a global team committed to improving the way people think and their mission is to create the world’s best note-taking app. The app is available for a low monthly rate and a free 14-day trial is available.

Reflect AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Instant note syncing
Networked backlinked notes
Offers calendar integration
One click note sharing
Efficient snippet capture
Facilitates index of ideas
Easy recall of notes
Tracks meeting discussions
Collects web and Kindle highlights
Device integration, online or offline
Real-time data sync
Encrypted and secure note taking
Accessible notes via API
Neural network visualization
Easy thought recording
Introspective ability enhancement
Supports simple and long-form writing
End-to-end encryption
Mobile and desktop compatible
Thorough customer feedback
Affordable monthly rate
14-day free trial


No Android app
No Windows/Linux app
Potential backlink confusion
Possibly complex interface
No specified API
Unclear encryption standard
Costly monthly rate
Not open source
Lack of offline options
Limited notes collaboration


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How safe are my notes in Reflect AI?
Does Reflect offer a free trial?
How much does a Reflect AI subscription cost?
How does Reflect AI organize and index my notes?
How can Reflect AI help me with tracking meetings and agendas?
Can Reflect AI be used offline?
What kind of support does Reflect AI provide?
How can I start a free trial with Reflect AI?
Can I export my notes from Reflect AI to other platforms?
How does Reflect AI's AI integration improve note-taking?

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