Distillr summarizes articles for quick overviews.

Generated by ChatGPT

Distillr is an AI-powered tool that leverages the power of ChatGPT to generate concise article summaries. The tool offers a clear and straightforward summary of any article, which helps users save time and get to the main points quickly.

Distillr also values its users' privacy by not collecting, using, or sharing any personal data or information.Users are provided with one daily use of the tool unless they opt for the Pro version.

The Pro version offers additional benefits not available in the free version. Distillr provides a no-data-collection policy, ensuring that the user's privacy is respected, and they can use the tool with confidence.Distillr's AI component uses ChatGPT to generate summaries of any length, making it flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of articles.

The tool's design is straightforward and easy-to-use, allowing users to input an article's URL and receive a summarized version quickly and efficiently.Overall, Distillr is a useful tool for individuals who are short on time and need quick access to important information.

Its clear and concise summaries help users get an overview of articles and stay informed without having to spend hours reading through lengthy pieces of content.

Distillr was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Clear article summaries
Privacy-valued tool
One daily use
Pro version available
No-data-collection policy
Uses ChatGPT
Summaries of any length
Straightforward design
Quick and efficient
Saves users' time
Adaptable to various articles
Input URL functionality
Helps stay informed quickly


Limited free daily uses
Potential understanding errors
Requires internet connection
Long articles may oversimplify
No available API
No customization options
Requires modern browser JavaScript
Possible misinterpretation of complex jargon


What is Distillr?
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How to use Distillr for summarizing an article?
What is the difference between the Pro version of Distillr and the free version?
How many times can I use Distillr in a day?
Does Distillr collect or share personal data?
How does Distillr protect my privacy?
Can Distillr summarize long articles?
Is Distillr suitable for short-form content as well?
How accurate are the summaries generated by Distillr?
Can I customize the length of the summaries on Distillr?
How can Distillr help me save time?
What kind of articles can Distillr summarize?
Do I need to install anything to use Distillr?
Why does Distillr use ChatGPT?
What aspects of an article are considered by Distillr while creating a summary?
How quickly does Distillr generate summaries?
What are the main features of Distillr?

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