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Guiding your career choices and development
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to explore career paths?
Sample prompts:
What skills are needed for a career in tech?
How do I become a graphic designer?
What are the steps to becoming a lawyer?
Can you tell me about careers in healthcare?
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Career Path is a GPT offered by that aids in navigating various career choices and development strategies. The tool operates on ChatGPT serving as a platform that provides comprehensive guidance on different career paths and the measures to progress in the chosen field.

Its objective is to offer insight and support to users who are deciding on careers or seeking development within their current profession. Upon interacting with the tool, it welcomes users with the message 'Hello! Ready to explore career paths?' indicating its readiness to assist.

Equipped with a range of prompt starters, this GPT responds to diverse career related queries. The prompts provided include queries such as 'What skills are needed for a career in tech?', 'How do I become a graphic designer?', 'What are the steps to becoming a lawyer?', and 'Can you tell me about careers in healthcare?'.

These inputs reveal that the tool constitutes a broad spectrum of career fields including but not limited to technology, design, law, and healthcare. Furthermore, the tool requires users to have ChatGPT Plus to access this feature.

By leveraging the capabilities of AI, the Career Path GPT endeavours to deliver concise, accurate, and targeted assistance to those seeking career advice or planning their development in specific professional arenas.


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