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Your ultimate AI co-pilot for tough tech interviews.
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ULTRACODE AI is a coding interview tool designed to assist in technical interviews. It is built with the insights from technology leads and software engineers to optimize its performance.

The tool centers on providing aid during coding interviews by understanding and solving technical questions without the need for typing; it harnesses audio and visual inputs to achieve this.

ULTRACODE AI sustains its usefulness across various meeting platforms and coding environments, delivering versatility in its operation. Its invisibility during screen sharing enables comfort during its use.

It boasts of the ability to solve complex technical questions, including staff-level system design problems. The AI model of ULTRACODE AI is specifically trained to get through tough interviews, indicating its focus on high-level performance.

Among the platforms it's compatible with are Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, WebEX, CoderPad, HackerRank, and CodeSignal.


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Ultracode was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Assists in technical interviews
Input from tech leads
Solves without typing
Uses audio and visual inputs
Useful across meeting platforms
Compatible with diverse coding environments
Invisible during screen sharing
Solves complex technical questions
Handles system design problems
Trained for tough interviews
Compatible with Zoom, Meet, Teams
Compatible with WebEX, CoderPad
Compatible with HackerRank, CodeSignal
Interactive in real-time
Modelled for high-level performance
Built for job interviews
Designed for software engineers
Supports voice commands
Helps in tech interview practice
Aid in interview preparation
Supports all technical questions
Comfortable usage due to invisibility
Optimized by insights from engineers
Helps for all interview platforms
Supports toughest technical interviews
Aims at clearing hiring bar


Only annual billing
Invisibility concerns during screen-sharing
No mentioned support for basic coding platforms
No language tools specified
Lacks offline support
Potentially unethical use
No stated OS support
Pricey for individual users
Audio-visual input reliance
No demo available


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Who are the technology leads and software engineers behind Ultracode AI?
Can Ultracode AI be fine-tuned for SWE interviews?
What kind of technical questions can Ultracode AI solve?
Does Ultracode AI work with Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, WebEX, CoderPad, HackerRank, and CodeSignal?
Is Ultracode AI useful across various meeting platforms and coding environments?
What is the pricing for Ultracode AI?
How does Ultracode AI assist during coding interviews without the need for typing?
Can Ultracode AI be used during screen sharing?
Is it possible to use Ultracode AI to prepare for job interviews?

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