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Boost interview confidence with AI tools for job seekers
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InterviewGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to assist both job seekers and recruiters. For job seekers, it provides tools for mock interviews and job search assistance to boost interview confidence.

The platform enables users to engage in virtual interviews and instantly receive results and feedback, enhancing readiness for actual interviews. The tool has a unique feature of assessing a user's resume for suitability for a particular job, making the job application process intuitive and efficient.

For recruiters, the AI technology aids in the hiring process. The job interviews and the mock interviews on the platform are designed in collaboration with hiring managers, providing an authentic interviewing experience and credible preparation resources.

On another note, InterviewGPT is a product of Cloudinit Private Limited.


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May 21, 2024
It seems geared toward tech jobs only

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Pros and Cons


Virtual mock interviews
Instant result and feedback
Resume-job suitability assessment
Recruiter assistance features
Collaboration with hiring managers
Interview preparation resources
Job search assistance
Realistic interviewing experience
Enhanced interview readiness
Efficient job application process
Customized interview guide
Video assessment tools
Job match percentage feature
Interactive feedback
Confidence boost feature
User-friendly interface
Free trial access
Career development aid
Specific resource for recruiters
Instant resume check
Available on ProductHunt
Secure login
Operated by Cloudinit Private Limited
LinkedIn company detail accessibility
Strict privacy policy
Formal terms and conditions
Comprehensive tool
Instant interview result
Result with feedback
Job seeker-specific features
Intuitive job application
Interview confidence indicator
Post-interview analysis
Job interview simulation
Versatile interview platform
Interviewing skill development
Comprehensive resources
Easy signup process
Wide range of jobs
Accurate job matching
Cloud-based tool
All-in-one interview solution
Preparation for actual interviews
Interactive mock interview scenarios


Limited to English language
No mobile application
Not fully customizable
No personality assessment
No live customer support
Depends on internet connectivity
May not cover all job types
No offline features
No integration with job boards


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Does InterviewGPT offer mock interviews?
Are the job interviews on InterviewGPT designed in collaboration with hiring managers?
How is InterviewGPT different from other interview preparation tools?
Can InterviewGPT help with career development?
Is the InterviewGPT platform free to use?
How can I contact InterviewGPT support?
Who is the company that created InterviewGPT?
Are there any privacy policies or terms and conditions for using InterviewGPT?
Can I try mock interviews on InterviewGPT?
How real and authentic are the mock interviews on InterviewGPT?
Which platforms can I use to access InterviewGPT?
Can I find InterviewGPT on ProductHunt?

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