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Zilta is an AI tool specifically designed to assist with the practice of behavioral interviews. The platform uses AI to mimic the setup and experience of a real-life job interview, tailored to the target role and corresponding job description provided by the user.

The purpose of the AI interviewer is to create a realistic interview environment that will help prepare candidates for their actual job interviews. Features of Zilta include customised questions relevant to the chosen role and one-on-one interview practice with the AI interviewer.

Post-interview, Zilta provides a comprehensive report that includes detailed, personalized feedback which can be used by candidates to refine their performance.

The platform requires very minimal setup, making it user-friendly. Users have unlimited access to practice interviews for a single role or job description.

A premium version of the tool is available which offers additional features such as access to a list of questions and answers related to the role or job description, and camera access for a live interview experience.


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Zilta was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 25th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Customised interview questions
Detailed post-interview feedback
Minimal setup needed
Unlimited practice for roles
Premium version available
Provides Q&A list
Camera access for live experience
User-friendly platform
Realistic interview environment creation
Role-specific feedback
Any role or job applicable
Personalized performance refinement
Evaluates based on specific role
Improves behavioral interview skills
Accessible pricing
Single occupation unlimited practice
Interview duration selection option
Comprehensive report generation
No usage limit
Specific job description evaluator
Interview coaching
Career development aid


Limited to behavioral interviews
Requires job description input
Unlimited access limited to single role
Premium version for extra features
No multi-role practice
No interview variety
Limited personalization
Dependent on inputted job description
No live human coaching
Feedback only post-interview


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What is the level of customization provided by Zilta?
How do users interact with the AI interviewer in Zilta?
What kind of feedback does Zilta provide post-interview?
Does using Zilta require any technical setup?
Does Zilta have a limit on the number of practice interviews I can do?
What extra benefits does the premium version of Zilta offer?
Does the premium version of Zilta allow live camera access for interviews?
What's the difference between the premium and free version of Zilta?
Does Zilta provide a list of questions and answers related to my job role?
How user-friendly is Zilta?
How can Zilta help improve my interview skills?
Who is the targeted audience for Zilta?
How does Zilta help with career development?
What's the setup process like for Zilta?
Can I use Zilta for any job role?

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