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Using 24/7 AI interviews, we cut hiring time and bias.
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AI Interviewer Pro revolutionizes the hiring process by conducting automated, bias-free interviews to understand the skills, personalities, and overall fit of the candidates.

The primary services include AI-driven interviews, smart evaluation of the interview content, and subsequent provision of insights for follow-up interviews.

Candidates interact with the AI tool which asks pre-registered questions, and their responses are then analyzed. This application provides three levels of insights: ability, personality, and fit.

It has 24/7 availability for conducting interviews, addressing scheduling issues effectively. AI Interviews Pro also offers personality assessments based on the MBTI personality test, categorizing applicants into 16 types.

With the capability to evaluate alignment with company needs, it helps to reduce employee mismatches and improve retention rates. This tool not only highlights independent and unbiased assessments of candidates but also enables strategic tailoring of company descriptions to attract suitable applicants.

Through this detailed, AI-driven process, the tool significantly shortens hiring processes and provides an efficient, personalized recruitment experience.


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Pros and Cons


Automated interviews
Bias-free recruiting
24/7 interview availability
Smart interview evaluation
Three levels of insights
MBTI personality assessments
Cut hiring time
Reduce employee mismatches
Improve retention rates
Personalized recruitment experience
Pre-registered questions feature
Strategic company descriptions
Reduces scheduling conflicts
Screens candidate abilities
Screens candidate personalities
Screens candidate fitness
Enhances second-round interviews
Integration with Slack
Convenient price plans
Free trial offered
High user satisfaction rating
Same-day service operation
Interview templates provided
Easy integration with job pages
Compatible with Google Chrome
Screens candidate communication skills
Screens candidate motivation
Screens candidate experience
Screens candidate leadership
Screens candidate teamwork
Non-biased numerical evaluations
Candidates evaluations based on evidence
Clear interview analysis
Enhanced job offer acceptance
Detailed personality explanations
Match evaluation feature
Evaluation by excelence
Registration of personnel type
Categorization of candidates
Increased job offers rate
Sharing information feature
Unlimited number of interviews
Manage interviews by job type
Understands applicant skills
Screens candidate job fit
No credit card required
Can cancel anytime
Insights for follow-up interviews


Only compatible with Google Chrome
Bias towards MBTI personality test
No explicit data privacy
Lacks human touch
No verification of skills
Limited question customization
Conflicting 5-point and 10-point scale
No Integration details with HRM tools
Requires Internet connection 24/7
Lacks language flexibility


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What is the user satisfaction rating for AI Interviewer Pro?
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