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Conduct and evaluate job interviews with AI professionalism.
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Sample prompts:
What drives your professional goals?
How do you overcome work obstacles?
What's your proudest work achievement?
How do you manage work stress?
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Interviewer is a GPT specifically designed to conduct and evaluate job interviews. Its primary aim is to incorporate professionalism and neutrality during the interviewing process.

This AI tool takes a meticulous approach to sidestep biases while ensuring that sensitive personal topics and potential legal pitfalls are avoided. Its utility springs from its ability to maintain objective interviewing standards, thereby providing a judicious evaluation of the interviewee.

As a function of ChatGPT, Interviewer focuses heavily on the use of prompt starters to stimulate conversation and discussion during the interview. These prompt starters are designed to delve into the interviewee's professional goals, work obstacle navigation strategies, proudest work achievements, and stress management techniques in the work environment.

It is important to note that Interviewer requires ChatGPT Plus to perform its tasks, thereby indicating the need for users to have access to this higher-level function of ChatGPT.

In essence, Interviewer signifies the strides in AI application by providing an efficient, effective, and unbiased platform for conducting job interviews.


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