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AI-powered job interviewing tool, transforming interview experience.
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Screenle is an AI-powered job interviewing tool designed to revolutionize the hiring process for both candidates and companies. This platform transforms the way interviews are conducted, making the process more efficient and transparent.

Through Screenle, interviews can be conducted, recorded, and evaluated, saving time and resources. Its key features include audio and video recording of interviews, AI-generated questions, answers transcriptions and evaluations, as well as conducting fully AI-driven job interviews.

Furthermore, the platform offers two AI-modes for interviews and the flexibility for users to create their own set of questions. It also provides transcripts, records, and AI-powered evaluations instantly after an interview.

Screenle aids in the digitization of the recruitement process, catering for the need to streamline and enhance efficiency. The tool also gives tips on conducting effective online interviews, making it a beneficial addition to any modern recruitment process.


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Screenle was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 13th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Efficient interview process
Transparent hiring
Interview conducting
Interview recording
Answer transcriptions
Answer evaluations
Create own questions
Instant transcripts
Instant records
Effective online interview tips
Audio recording
Video recording
Digitized recruitment
Time saving
Resource saving
Process design
Interview delivery
Interview decoding
Interview editing
Results sharing
Online tutorials
Video interview recording
Test your tech tips
Quiet environment tips
Professional dress tips
Preparation tips
Mannerism tips
Follow-up tips


Recording quality not adjustable
No multilingual support
Lacks customizable scoring system
No real-time feedback option
Lacks interviewer training features
Limited question creation flexibility
No dedicated mobile application
No option for panel interviews
No option for social recruiting


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How does the process of question creation work in Screenle?
What happens instantly after a job interview is conducted on Screenle?
How does Screenle aid in the digitization of the recruitment process?
What tips does Screenle offer for conducting effective online interviews?
How does Screenle handle the transcription of interview answers?
How does Screenle's AI-powered evaluation tool work after the interview?
Can I use Screenle for both audio and video job interviews?
Can the users conduct fully AI-driven job interviews using Screenle?
How does Screenle contribute to streamlining and enhancing efficiency in recruitment?
Does Screenle provide any insights or records after the interview?
Can Screenle be used to automate the entire interviewing process?
Does Screenle offer the flexibility for users to create their own set of interview questions?
How can Screenle's AI-generated questions help in the hiring process?
Can the interviews conducted on Screenle be recorded?
How does Screenle enhance transparency in the hiring process?

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