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Transcribing YouTube videos from a link.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Paste a YouTube URL and I'll transcribe it for you, minus the non-verbal parts.
Sample prompts:
Transcribe this YouTube video for me:
I need a transcript of the following video:
Can you provide a formatted transcript of this link?
Extract and clean up the transcript of this video:
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Video Transcript Generator is a GPT based tool developed by Raja Sundar. The primary function of the tool is to transcribe YouTube videos based on the link provided by the user.

It is designed to aid in the automatic generation of written transcripts, omitting the non-verbal parts from the received video content. The user interacts with the GPT by providing a YouTube URL, then the tool proceeds to transcribe the audio information from the video into textual data.

This is particularly useful for users who require a precise written reference of video content, be it for research, content creation, accessibility, or various other purposes.

As the tool is built on top of ChatGPT, it necessitates a ChatGPT Plus account for access and usage. To facilitate convenience and user-friendliness, the Video Transcript Generator is equipped with prompt starters such as 'Transcribe this YouTube video for me:', 'I need a transcript of the following video:', among others.

These are designed to guide the user in making requests to the tool. The ability to extract, clean-up, and provide a formatted transcript of video content makes it a valuable resource in various fields where video-to-text conversion is needed.


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