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ByShehryar Hussain
Create transcripts for your tech reviews easily.
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Script-or is a GPT designed to assist users in generating transcripts, chiefly for technological review videos and newsletters. Its main functionality revolves around the creation of written content based on pre-existing templates or sample transcripts uploaded by the user.

In essence, the tool reworks and reformats uploaded content to produce new, pertinent transcripts. This functionality could become particularly instrumental for YouTube creators, podcasters, interviewers, or anyone else who may require an efficient method to transcribe their audio or video content.

To start generating transcripts with Script-or, users are prompted to upload their previous content or discuss the topics they wish to transcribe. The outcome is a ready-to-use transcript that can be conveniently integrated into video subtitles, newsletters, or any other medium that may require textual representation of spoken word.

Please note that utilizing this GPT requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.


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