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Your AI executive assistant to replace your inbox.
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Floode serves as an AI executive assistant, designed with the specific intention of replacing the traditional email inbox. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence techniques to manage and organize emails more efficiently by sorting them into specific categories thus ensuring that important messages don't get lost in the information flood.

Floode is not just restricted to simple sorting, but it goes way beyond by automating repetitive email tasks, which saves a substantial amount of time that can be utilized better.

It brings a degree of intelligence to email management, being capable of learning user habits and customizing its activities to suit these habits over time.

Besides this, by leveraging AI technologies, Floode also has features to handle calendar management, meetings scheduling, and reminders. Overall, Floode offers a substantial productivity boost by taking over tedious email management tasks, freeing users from the clutter and chaos of a traditional inbox.


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Pros and Cons


Automates communication tasks
Streamlines conversations
Centralizes all conversations
User-friendly interface
Customizable folder organization
Adapts to user's writing style
Offers keyboard shortcuts
Respects user privacy
Doesn't sell user data
Future vision for workplace communication
Sorts and labels messages
Schedules tasks on autopilot
Unifies messaging platforms
Automates email management tasks
Enhances workflow
Handles calendar management
Schedules meetings
Customization based on user habits
Boosts productivity
Reduces clutter
Saves users' time
In-depth email categorization
Automated reminders
Smart learning of user habits


Under development
Possible inbox management overload
Only supports certain platforms
May not fully capture context
Limited personalization features
Functionality dependent on learning habits
Messaging threads mixed
Unsupported for non-English languages
No offline mode


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How does Floode adapt to my writing style and tone?
What keyboard shortcuts does Floode support?
Does Floode respect user privacy?
What future features is Floode planning to release?
Does Floode focus only on email or does it support other messaging platforms?
Can Floode sort and label my emails automatically?
How does Floode decide which emails are important?
Can Floode learn and adapt to my email handling habits?
How does Floode handle calendar management and meeting scheduling?
Does Floode offer task automation?
What's the advantage of using Floode over my traditional email inbox?
Does using Floode improve productivity?
Is Floode suitable for handling my professional and personal emails?
Is there any enhancement coming for Floode's AI assistant feature?

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