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AI that reviews Marketing Compliance 10X faster
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GovernGPT is an AI tool designed to review marketing compliance swiftly and efficiently. It serves as a Compliance Assistant, offering instant and consistent feedback, thus acting as a 'Grammarly' for Compliance.

The tool identifies potential issues, suggests alternatives, and clarifies reasoning for changes. It utilises an organization's marketing review preferences and policies to train, effectively adapting to its unique requirements and offering consistent feedback to content creators.

GovernGPT is designed to address common issues before a detailed review, integrating seamlessly into existing workflows. It supports continuous training for marketing teams, particularly useful when dealing with high turnover or lack of expertise.

Feedback is offered at every content creation step, ensuring it aligns with a firm's policies and preferred review style. It integrates directly into Word, PowerPoint, and Google Docs, generating reviews in real-time and reducing confusion when receiving review feedback.

It thereby ensures coherent policy application and matches regulatory expectations. Besides, GovernGPT significantly reduces compliance hours needed for thorough content reviews by automating repetitive tasks.

It can be trained on a firm's policies and procedures, content guidelines, and firm-specific risk profile. It also maintains data specific to each firm and produces an audit trail for all decisions, ensuring privacy and security.

Overall, GovernGPT is a tool designed to help firms enforce marketing compliance more effectively, while saving considerable time and effort.


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Pros and Cons


10X faster compliance
Real-time review feedback
Integrates into existing workflows
Continuous training for marketers
Feedback at every content step
Matches regulatory expectations
Reduces compliance review hours
Automates repetitive tasks
Firm-specific training
Integrates with Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs
Clears common issues pre-review
Ensures coherent policy application
Can be trained on firm's policies
Handles majority of repeat feedback
Instant and consistent reviews
Privacy and security prioritized
Produces an audit trail
Supports high turnover teams
Aligns with firm's review style
Unique to each firm
Human-supervised training process


Limited to text content
Mostly Microsoft & Google integration
Learning curve for training
No multi-language support mentioned
Reliant on quality of training data
Lack of standalone application
Limited platform accessibility
May overlook nuanced compliance issues
Potentially expensive for small firms
No mobile application support


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Can GovernGPT work directly in Word, PowerPoint, and Google Docs?
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Does GovernGPT match regulatory expectations?
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How does GovernGPT handle repetitive tasks in compliance review?
Can GovernGPT be trained on our firm's specific policies, procedures and risk profile?
Does GovernGPT maintain data privacy and security?
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How does GovernGPT enforce marketing compliance effectively?
How can GovernGPT assist in reducing the confusion when receiving review feedback?
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How does GovernGPT's feedback align with our firm's policies and preferred review style?

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