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Inclusive language w/ live content review & suggestions.
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RespectablyAI is a chrome plugin designed to promote respect and inclusive language in digital communication. Leveraging the capabilities of the ChatGPT API, this groundbreaking tool performs real-time content review for any text you write, currently available only for English text.

Using real-time language analysis, RespectablyAI swiftly scans your text and identifies potentially offensive, racist, sexist, or other non-inclusive phrases.

Rather than just flagging them, the plugin offers alternative suggestions that maintain the essence of your communication without crossing any lines.This chrome extension seamlessly integrates with various digital platforms, including emails and social media, ensuring a harmonious user experience across different applications.Beyond immediate fixes, RespectablyAI incorporates educational features that help users learn and adopt a more respectful and inclusive language.

It aims to cultivate a better online culture by providing tools for long-term growth.The plugin also offers a report generation feature that provides detailed insights into your language patterns over time.

This transparent feature allows for continuous self-assessment and constructive change.By joining the RespectablyAI community, users can contribute towards creating a more respectful digital world.

The platform encourages sharing experiences, learning from others, and participating in discussions that amplify the power of inclusive language and respectful communication.Enhance your daily communications and learn to be more respectful towards others with RespectablyAI's chrome plugin.


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