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Social media image insights for businesses.
Generated by ChatGPT

Insights Copilot powered by ChatGPT is a social media listening platform with industry-leading image recognition capabilities. It allows businesses to analyze user-generated images from over 500K sources to understand their customers better.

The tool offers audience insights that help businesses understand their target audience demographics, interests, and occupations. Insights Copilot is the first social media listening assistant powered by ChatGPT to find qualitative insights from millions of online conversations.

It simplifies social listening efforts by summarizing data and finding the reason behind social data. The tool has multiple use cases, including crisis management, competitor analysis, and market research.To use Insights Copilot, one can navigate to their monitoring topic or generate a new search query.

The tool then uses ChatGPT to provide instant answers to users' questions. It summarizes data and helps users find the reason behind social data, making social listening efforts effortless.Businesses can sign up for a free trial of YouScan to unlock the full potential of Insights Copilot and elevate the power of Chat GPT.

YouScan also offers other products like Visual Insights, Mention Wall, Audience Insights, Image Recognition API, and Social Intelligence API to help businesses better understand their customers and improve their social media strategy.

Overall, Insights Copilot powered by ChatGPT is a powerful tool that simplifies social listening efforts and provides businesses with actionable insights to improve their social media strategy.


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Pros and Cons


Industry-leader in image recognition
Analyzes user-generated images
Covers 500K+ sources
Gives audience insights
Understands demographics, interests, occupations
First ChatGPT-powered tool
Qualitative insights from conversations
Simplifies data summarizing
Find reasons behind social data
Multiple use cases
Supports crisis management
Useful for competitor analysis
Supports market research
Navigable monitoring topic
Offers instant answers
Free trial access
Suite of YouScan products
Image Recognition API
Social Intelligence API
Visual Insights
Mention Wall
Audience Insights
Provides actionable insights
Improves social media strategy
24/7 customer support
Robust knowledge base
Available in multiple languages
Option to request demo
Enhances Power of ChatGPT
User-friendly navigation
Quick insights generation


No real-time data analysis
Limited source platforms
Requires manual search queries
No explicit multi-language support
No mobile app mentioned
Requires ChatGPT knowledge
No one-on-one customer support
Lacking specific industry applications
No direct API integration mentioned
Full features require paid upgrade


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How can Insights Copilot help in crisis management?
How can I use Insights Copilot for competitor analysis?
How does Insights Copilot aid in market research?
What is ChatGPT in the context of Insights Copilot?
How to generate a search query in Insights Copilot?
How can Insights Copilot summarize social media data?
How does Insights Copilot find the reason behind social data?
What are the procedures to sign up for a free trial of YouScan?
Are there other products that YouScan offers aside from Insights Copilot?
What is the role of Insights Copilot in improving a business's social media strategy?
What are the steps to navigate to a monitoring topic in Insights Copilot?
How does Insights Copilot use ChatGPT to provide answers to my questions?
Can Insights Copilot analyze user-generated images?
What languages does Insights Copilot support?


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