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Optimize YouTube titles to boost views.
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More Views AI is a tool designed to test different YouTube video settings in order to increase the view count. It utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze video content and suggest variations of video titles to experiment with through A/B testing.

Users can connect their YouTube account to the tool and select specific videos to perform experiments on. The AI algorithm automatically toggles between different titles over a set period of time and provides real-time statistics on the performance of each title.

At the end of the experiment, the video is left with the best performing title.The tool offers features such as automatic A/B toggling, performance tracking, views optimization, and AI-generated title suggestions.

Users can run unlimited experiments and receive suggestions for optimizing their video thumbnails as well. The pricing for the tool is $5 per month for early users, with no commitment required.More Views AI can be used on both new and old videos, with the goal of determining the best performing title for each video to attract more views.

While the extent to which it can increase views depends on various factors such as channel size and niche, users have reported view upticks ranging from 10-25% with updated titles.Overall, More Views AI provides a simple and convenient solution for content creators to optimize their video titles and increase their view count on YouTube.


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Mar 30, 2024
Does not work. Unable to sign up. It keeps saying “Try signing in with a different account.” No Google account I have works.

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Pros and Cons


Connects to YouTube account
Automatic A/B testing
Real-time performance tracking
Suggests optimized video titles
Unlimited experiments
Thumbnail optimization
Affordable pricing
No commitment required
Applicable to old videos
Applicable to new videos
Achieves view upticks
Easy setup process
Runs on autopilot
Title changes at intervals
Automatic final title selection
Supports multiple videos
Coming pause experiment feature
Prevents view count decrease
Case study evidence
Potential 25% view increase


No language customization
No mobile app available
Can’t pause experiments
No multi-account management
Limited to YouTube only
No social media integration
No free version available
No title localization
Doesn't support bulk editing


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How many experiments can I run using More Views AI?
Can More Views AI increase views on both new and old YouTube videos?
What factors influence the extent to which More Views AI can increase views?
What is the average view increase users have reported when using More Views AI?
Can I use More Views AI if I have a small YouTube channel?
Does More Views AI provide real-time performance tracking?
What happens to my video title at the end of an experiment with More Views AI?
In what way can the AI algorithm of More Views AI assist in my YouTube content optimization?
Do I need to manually toggle between titles when using More Views AI?
Can I cancel my More Views AI subscription at any time?
Is there a limit to how many videos I can experiment on with More Views AI?

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