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Helping YouTubers optimize video metadata.
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ToobSquid is an AI-based tool that assists YouTubers in creating compelling titles and descriptions for their videos. By inputting a URL, the tool generates detailed video descriptions that summarize the key points in the video, along with timestamps and hashtags.

ToobSquid's AI technology is capable of tweaking the result by adjusting the adjectives to change the tonality or keyword considerations. The pricing comes in three packages - Free, Established, and Pro.

While the Free package offers three title generations per week, the Established package, priced at £9.99, offers 50 title generations per month with advanced options such as tonality and keyword considerations.

Channels with less than 1k subscribers get a 50% discount by entering GROWME at checkout. The Pro package, priced at £19.99, offers 150 title generations per month, unlimited channels, and team access (coming soon).ToobSquid's AI tool uses a GPT-3 model to assess the sentiment of the video's audio dialog, which helps generate a title and description that will help the video rank higher in search results.

The tool can be used with unlisted videos and is capable of generating meta as per the plan. If a channel is "claimed," and you cannot claim it, you can contact the support team to dispute the claim, and they will review the issue.

In summary, ToobSquid simplifies the process of creating YouTube titles and descriptions, automatically generating video metadata, and optimizing them for search results, saving YouTubers time and effort.


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ToobSquid was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates detailed descriptions
Timestamps generation
Hashtags generation
Adjective tweaking feature
Keyword tweaking feature
Compatible with unlisted videos
Claims dispute support
Generates summaries of key points
Several pricing packages
Discount for Channels <1k subscribers
Team access in Pro package
Free title generations in Free package
Advanced options in Established package
GPT-3 model usage
Video sentiments assessment
Optimizes for search results
Supports channel disputes
Title tonality adjustments
Unlimited channels in Pro plan
Title generation capacity varies with plan
Upcoming team access feature
Chrome extension available
Supports manual tonality changes
Built with advanced tech in 2023


Limited title generations
No support for listed videos
Priced packages for advanced features
Extra fees per video minute
No team access until future
Claimed channels cause complications
Inability to modify some keywords
Complicated dispute process
No support for all languages
10-minute video limit on free package


What is ToobSquid?
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What features does ToobSquid offer?
How can ToobSquid help improve my YouTube video titles and descriptions?
Does ToobSquid support hashtags and timestamps?
How many title generations per month does ToobSquid's Established package offer?
What does 'channels claimed' mean in the context of ToobSquid?
Can ToobSquid generate metadata for unlisted videos?
What are the key differences between the Free, Established, and Pro packages?
What discount does ToobSquid offer for channels with less than 1k subscribers?
Does ToobSquid support team access?
What AI technology does ToobSquid use?
How does ToobSquid's AI tool assess the sentiment of the video's audio dialog?
Can results generated by ToobSquid be tweaked for tonality or keyword considerations?
What happens if I am not happy with the result generated by ToobSquid?
Does ToobSquid offer a Chrome Extension?
How to sign up for an account on ToobSquid?
What does ToobSquid's Free plan offer?
What happens if my channel is claimed by someone else?
What happens to my unused title generations at the end of each billing cycle?

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