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Thumbnail generation for YouTube videos.
Generated by ChatGPT

Magic Thumbnails is an AI-driven tool that can generate thumbnails for YouTube videos quickly and easily. Simply enter the title and description for a video, and the tool will generate thumbnails for it.

The thumbnails will be based on an AI model that is trained to match a preferred style. It is important to provide detailed descriptions of what happens in the video in order for the tool to generate the most effective thumbnails.

Magic Thumbnails also offers a gallery of past thumbnails that can be used as reference. The model currently uses simple stock photos, but the option of using a user's face is being worked on.

For a fee of $5, users can generate up to 35 thumbnails.


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Jul 19, 2023
It would work great if it understood the titles! Tragedy shouldn't generate happy or silly faces. Also if there's knitting, surfing, or cooking in the title it SHOULD generate stock images of THOSE activities. Was ready to buy and so glad that I didn't.

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Magic Thumbnails was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick thumbnail generation
Customizable style preferences
Can train own model
Affordable pricing
Generates multiple thumbnails
Gallery for reference
Optimized for YouTube
Requires detailed descriptions
Can mimic preferred styles
Supports text-based thumbnails
User-friendly interface
Can handle multiple requests
Efficiently uses stock photos
Potential user face integration
Suitable for beginner YouTubers
Ideal for Branding consistency
Future model enhancements


Requires detailed descriptions
Only generates Basic style
Uses stock photos only
Limited to 35 thumbnails
Charges per thumbnail batch
No user's face option
No individual thumbnail generation
Depends on video title
No custom design options
No real-time thumbnail editing


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Can Magic Thumbnails generate a thumbnail with my face?
What is the cost of using Magic Thumbnails?
How many thumbnails can I generate with Magic Thumbnails for $5?
What happens if I provide a non-detailed description for the video?
Is there a gallery of past thumbnails I can access?
How does Magic Thumbnails choose the style of generated thumbnail?
Can I train my own model with Magic Thumbnails?
Does Magic Thumbnails generate thumbnails with text + face?
Does Magic Thumbnails use stock photos?
Can I choose my preferred style for thumbnails in Magic Thumbnails?
Can Magic Thumbnails match the style of my previous thumbnails?
How effective are Magic Thumbnails?
Does Magic Thumbnails offer a user-specific customization feature?


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