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Creates clear, engaging thumbnails for YouTube.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Let's create your video thumbnail. What's the title?
Sample prompts:
Generate a thumbnail for 'Epic Mountain Biking'
Need a thumbnail for 'Gourmet Street Food Tour'
Create a thumbnail for 'The Secret Life of Cats'
Design a thumbnail for 'Underwater Wonders: Scuba Diving'
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ThumbnailGPT is a GPT designed specifically to produce clear and engaging 16:9 thumbnails for YouTube. This tool is useful for content creators who want to add a touch of professionalism and attractiveness to their online video content.

The user is initially greeted with a welcoming prompt, guiding them to start the process of creating their video thumbnail. The process begins by the user specifying the title of the video.

Prompt starters are provided, which can include 'Epic Mountain Biking', 'Gourmet Street Food Tour', 'The Secret Life of Cats', and 'Underwater Wonders: Scuba Diving'.

These prompts not only make the user interface more user-friendly but also aid in generating customized and relevant thumbnails. It's important to note that this tool is built upon the ChatGPT platform and requires ChatGPT Plus to function.

This implies that the tool's capabilities hinge on the advanced language understanding and generation features of ChatGPT. Comparing it to an 'app' that works on top of ChatGPT is a great analogy to describe this tool's functionality.

Overall, ThumbnailGPT offers a simplified and effective solution for creating YouTube thumbnails that can enhance the visual appeal of your videos.


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