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Builds autonomous agents.
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SuperAGI is an open-source autonomous AI agent framework designed for developers to build, manage, and run autonomous agents quickly and reliably. The tool is designed to be developer-first, providing developers with the infrastructure required to build autonomous agents with extended capabilities.

This tool can be used to run concurrent agents seamlessly, extending agent capabilities with additional tools, and using multiple vector DBs to make the agents' performance more efficient.

Furthermore, this framework allows developers to provision, spawn, and deploy autonomous AI agents.SuperAGI provides several features such as performance telemetry that provide insights into the agent's performance, and optimized token usage to manage costs effectively.

Additionally, agent memory storage enables the agents to learn and adapt by storing their memory, and looping detection heuristics notify the user when an agent is stuck in a loop, enabling prompt resolution.

This tool also includes a resource manager that reads and stores files generated by agents, and GUI access that enables the user to control agents via a graphical user interface.Overall, SuperAGI proves to be a reliable tool for developers, providing them with the necessary infrastructure to build autonomous agents.

The tool also supports open-source technology, allowing the community of developers to contribute to its enhancement.

SuperAGI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Open-source framework
Developer-first design
Infrastructure for building agents
Supports concurrent agents
Utilizes multiple vector DBs
Performance telemetry
Optimized token usage
Agent memory storage
Looping detection heuristics
Resource manager included
GUI access
Supports agent enhancement tools
Community contributions
Aids quick and reliable deployment
Action console feature
Agent trajectory fine-tuning
Supports multi-model agents
Prompt loop resolution
Web App early access
Control of agents' input and permissions
Live updates on Github
Connectivity to community platforms
Supports agent autonomy
Efficiency and productivity improvement
Notify user on agent's performance
Comprehensive documentation


No versioning system
No collaborative features
Limited GUI controls
No mobile support
Multiple vector DBs required
Infrequent updates
Limited language support
No customer support
Looping detection may fail
Cost management might be complex


What is SuperAGI?
Who is the ideal user for SuperAGI?
How does SuperAGI allow the building of autonomous agents?
What infrastructure does SuperAGI provide for developers?
Can multiple agents run concurrently on SuperAGI?
How does SuperAGI optimise token usage?
What is looping detection heuristic and how does it work in SuperAGI?
How can I control agents in SuperAGI using the GUI?
What is performance telemetry feature in SuperAGI?
How does agent memory storage work in SuperAGI?
How does SuperAGI extend an agent's capabilities?
What is the purpose of the resource manager in SuperAGI?
Can I use different models for different agents in SuperAGI?
How does SuperAGI enable me to improve my agents' performance?
What can I do with SuperAGI's action console?
What role does community play in SuperAGI's development and improvement?
How can I contribute to SuperAGI's open-source development?
What are SuperAGI's main releases and where can I find them?
What kind of support and community exists for SuperAGI?
Why is SuperAGI referred to as 'dev-first' framework?

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