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Doc processing & data extraction for businesses.
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ThinkAiAgency is an artificial intelligence company specializing in data science and AI technology. With their expertise in natural language processing, custom LLMS, computer vision, recommendation systems, predictive analytics, pose estimation, OCR & data capture, object detection, intelligent document processing, text analysis, image recognition, and 3D reconstruction, they empower businesses to leverage AI and data science for their specific needs.The agency has successfully worked with a diverse range of industries, including business intelligence, healthcare, fintech, retail & ecommerce, marketing & advertising, aerospace, sports, education, and transport.

They have a track record of more than 20 projects and over 8 years of experience in the field. Their team consists of highly qualified professionals with PhD and Master's degrees.ThinkAiAgency has a proven history of customer success stories.

For instance, they helped AiSport improve their ML models for sports training, resulting in scalable technology accessible worldwide. They partnered with Pika to develop a machine learning solution for their chatbot to provide accurate and relevant responses by learning from PDF files and URLs.

They also improved HireGpt's candidate scoring technology, resulting in more accurate recommendations to employers. Additionally, ThinkAiAgency developed a React Native MVP for Famished's food matching and delivery system, successfully launching the app on time and within budget.As an AI company, ThinkAiAgency focuses on AI and big data software development to help businesses innovate, automate processes, enrich customer insights, and achieve cost-efficiency.

They offer a free consultation to discuss specific business needs and goals.


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Pros and Cons


Specializes in data science
Expertise in natural language processing
Offers custom LLMS
Experienced in computer vision
Provides recommendation systems
Services in predictive analytics
Performs pose estimation
OCR & data capture
Offers object detection
Provides intelligent document processing
Performs text analysis
Carries out image recognition
Performs 3D reconstruction
Track record of 20+ projects
8+ years of experience
Professional team with PhD & Master's degrees
Served diverse industries
Successful customer case studies
Helped AiSport with ML models
Developed ML solution for Pika's chatbot
Improved HireGpt's candidate scoring technology
Developed React Native MVP for Famished
Enriches customer insights
Enhances cost-efficiency
Offers free consultation for businesses
Expertise in business intelligence
Experience in healthcare
Served fintech industries
Worked with retail & ecommerce
Experience in marketing & advertising
Worked with aerospace industry
Experience in sports
Served education-sector
Worked in transport sector


No pricing information provided
Lack of self-service interface
Complex to understand services
Non-transparent working process
No information on data security
Too much specific industry expertise
Potential over-reliance on PhD's
Limited info on technology stack
No clear integration processes
Absence of user testimonials


What is ThinkAiAgency?
What industries has ThinkAiAgency worked with?
What types of AI technology does ThinkAiAgency specialize in?
What's the experience level of the team at ThinkAiAgency?
Can you tell me more about ThinkAiAgency's work on AiSport?
What exactly is ThinkAiAgency's expertise in natural language processing?
How does OCR & data capture feature work in ThinkAiAgency?
How can ThinkAiAgency help improve my business's prediction analytics?
What specific technologies did ThinkAiAgency use in the creation of Pika's ML chatbot solutions?
Can ThinkAiAgency provide AI solutions for healthcare industry?
How has ThinkAiAgency utilized computer vision in their projects?
What was ThinkAiAgency's role in building HireGpt's candidate scoring technology?
What does ThinkAiAgency’s free consultation involve?
What kind of ML models did ThinkAiAgency develop for sports training?
Does ThinkAiAgency have a track record with retail and ecommerce projects?
How has ThinkAiAgency helped businesses achieve cost-efficiency?
What solutions has ThinkAiAgency offered for intelligent document processing?
Has ThinkAiAgency worked on any aerospace projects, can you provide examples?
How does ThinkAiAgency ensure the accuracy of its recommendation systems?
Tell me more about ThinkAiAgency's work with Famished's food matching and delivery system.

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