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AI-driven insights & automated reporting for your eCommerce
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Analytics AI is an intelligent tool designed for ecommerce platforms. It provides AI-driven insights and automated reporting, translating complex analytics data into clear, actionable reports to drive ecommerce success.

Analytics AI analyses store performance, provides business advice, and automates report generation. It is simply connected to GA4 or Adobe Analytics to ensure secure data sync then by setting up preferences, the AI analyses the data, identifies trends, opportunities and areas for optimization.

The system also delivers automated reports in easy-to-interpret format which helps in quick decision-making. The platform comprises of three AI solutions: Data Analyst AI that identifies sales data and customer behavior trends, and generates performance reports; Business Analyst AI which provides growth optimization strategies and evaluates performance indicators hence, guides financial decisions; and the Marketing Agent AI that deploys AI-driven tailored marketing strategies, automates implementation of growth-focused advice and streamlines marketing efforts.

With full data security compliance, user's data is processed within their environment and not shared with OpenAI. Scandilytics AI is integrated with OpenAI API across the APIs of embedding, completion, fine-tuning and rich context chat.

Analytics AI is designed to optimise KPIs, provide fresh insight on store performance, generate actionable insights, better understand customer behavior, ensure data purity and help improve marketing strategies.

Start up plans are compatible with user business needs, catering to reporting schedules and requirements.


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Scandilytics was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Ecommerce dedicated tool
GA4 and Adobe Analytics integrated
Automated reporting
Secured data processing
Optimises KPIs
Store performance insights
Comprehensive customer behavior analysis
Data purity assurance
Tailored marketing strategies
Startup plans compatibility
Quick report delivery
Performance, marketing, sales insights
Financial decision guidance
Marketing actions automation
Report timing customization
Personalized business advice
Performance indication evaluation
Timely insights provision


Limited to GA4 or Adobe
Might oversimplify complex data
No individual data fixing
Possible unnecessary report frequency
No data sharing flexibility
Limited customization of metrics
Onboarding is automated
Support requires separate request


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How can Scandilytics Analytics AI optimize my KPIs?
How customizable are the metrics and dashboards in Scandilytics Analytics AI?

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