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Streamlined tasks for agencies.
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Agency Mate Pro is an AI-powered assistant that aims to revolutionize agencies by providing a powerful tool to help manage various tasks and roles within the business.

With access to ChatGPT, the assistant can seamlessly handle tasks across multiple categories of work, ranging from customer support and copywriting to sales support, social media management, project management, financial analysis, personal assistance, and lead generation.The pro version of Agency Mate offers even more capabilities, including content generation, market research, recruitment, translation, data analysis, event planning, legal research, travel planning, technical support, e-commerce support, and consulting and advisory services.What sets Agency Mate Pro apart is its carefully crafted and proven prompts for each category of work.

These prompts are designed to customize and tailor the assistant to understand the agency's unique needs and work seamlessly alongside the user.With Agency Mate Pro, agencies can effortlessly manage customer support, handle copywriting needs, provide sales support, curate social media content, streamline project management, perform financial analysis, and generate leads.

The tool aims to save time and resources by eliminating the need to hire multiple employees or seek external expertise.By leveraging Agency Mate, agency owners have the opportunity to transform their businesses into successful, efficient, and profitable enterprises.

The digital product is conveniently organized in a Notion file, offering easy navigation and access to prompts for different job roles.Agency Mate Pro enables agency owners to unlock new revenue streams, scale their businesses effortlessly, and achieve the freedom and lifestyle they desire.

It promises to be the ultimate assistant for agencies looking to optimize their operations and maximize their potential.


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Pros and Cons


Access to ChatGPT
Efficient task management
Covers multiple work categories
Assists in customer support
Helps in copywriting
Sales support
Social media management
Handles project management
Performs financial analysis
Generates leads
Content generation
Conducts market research
Assists in recruitment
Handles translation
Performs data analysis
Assists in event planning
Conducts legal research
Helps in travel planning
Provides technical support
E-commerce support
Consulting and advisory services
Customized prompts
Saves time and resources
Eliminates need for multiple hires
Organized in Notion file
Easy navigation through prompts
Helps manage agency roles
Can streamline agency tasks
Unlocks new revenue streams
Helps scale businesses
Enhances agency operations
Helps improve work efficiency
Increase business profitability
Manages customer support queries
Assists in brand strategy
Manages social media posts
Task and deadline organization
Expert advice for finance
Helps in business growth
Convenient for agency owners
Applicable across job roles
Promotes seamless agency operations
Supports business diversification
Drives customer satisfaction
Helps nurture leads
Stakes track of timelines
Enhances lead generation techniques
Facilitates business expansion
Promotes service versatility
Helps improve agency's potential


Requires JavaScript
Accessed via Notion only
No mobile app
Lacks offline functionality
No demo available
Pricing details unclear
No user customization
No real-time collaboration
No customer support mentioned
Limited user reviews


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What forms of consulting and advisory services can Agency Mate Pro provide?
How does Agency Mate Pro help in managing social media?
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How does Agency Mate Pro help with copywriting tasks?
Can I use Agency Mate Pro for legal research?

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