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Turning meetings into results with AI
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered meeting note tool made for collaborative teams. It aids in generating, consolidating, and managing professionally structured agendas and conclusions from meetings.

A key feature of is its ability to auto-generate an efficient meeting agenda with a single click, reducing preparation times. The platform furthermore provides tools supporting collaborative decision-making, action tracking, and categorization of outcomes.

Focus is also given on active participation of all team members by encouraging open discussions and interaction. With real-time reminders from participants, the tool helps stay on track and it discourages deviating from the topic. also provides teams with 200+ customizable meeting templates and engages AI to suggest meeting outcomes. Post-meeting, it fosters follow-up on conclusions, turning them into actionable tasks, and streamlines recurring meetings for better productivity.

As a result, meetings become more efficient, inclusive, focused and outcome-oriented.


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Pros and Cons


Auto-generates meeting agendas
Reduces meeting prep times
Supports collaborative decision-making tools
Tracks actions
Categorizes meeting outcomes
Encourages open discussions
Promotes active participation
Real-time reminders system
Discourages off-topic deviations
200+ customizable meeting templates
Turns conclusions into actionable tasks
Streamlines recurring meetings
Boosts meeting efficiency
Includes participation encouragement
Focus on outcome-oriented meetings
Templates for different meetings
Actionable tasks post-meeting
Enhances team meetings
One-click agenda creation
Meeting productivity tools
Promotes inclusive meetings
Increases active participation
Enhances team decision-making
Consolidates meeting outcomes
Topic timers for focused discussions
Team-centric agenda crafting
Interactive Q&A tools
Dynamic check-in questions
Real-time deviation reminders
Seamlessly tracks previous actions
Aggregates meeting minutes
Efficient execution with action tracking
Tool for meeting secretary liberation
Reduces average meeting duration
Improves on-time meeting performance
Includes proven meeting templates
Improves team collaborations
Streamlines task reporting
Benefits agile stand-up meetings
Saves meeting time
Efficient meeting summary


Limited customization options
Possible unnecessary distractions
Too automated for flexible teams
No transcription feature
Lack of integration options


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How does help with meeting preparation?
Can help in decision making during meetings?
What are the collaborative features of
How does encourage active participation?
How does help keep meetings on track?
What customizable templates does offer?
Does provide post-meeting follow-ups?
How does improve meeting productivity?
Does have a system for action tracking?
What is the outcome categorization feature in
What kind of teams can benefit from using
Does have a free trial or demo?
What real-time reminders does provide?
How can streamline recurring meetings?
Does support real-time transcription?
How many users can support in a meeting?
Are meeting notes generated by on the cloud or locally stored?
What platforms is available on?

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