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Your daily stand-up expert, ready once a day!
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Sample prompts:
What's on your agenda today?
Any progress on the tasks from yesterday?
Do you have any blockers?
What will you focus on today?
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Scrum Sidekick is a GPT that aids in managing daily stand-ups for scrum teams. It provides a structured and efficient way of conducting these essential meetings, optimizing the process and making sure that key updates are not missed.

This GPT becomes available once a day, serving as an artificial intelligence-based moderator for these daily check-ins. Crucial to the agile methodology, stand-up meetings are a significant part of project management.

The Scrum Sidekick GPT aids in facilitating these meetings by initiating routinely check-ins and guiding the conversation based on four predefined prompt starters.

The prompts are targeted to gather specific updates such as the team member's daily agenda, their progress on tasks from the previous day, any blockers they are experiencing, and what they plan to concentrate on for the day.

In this way, Scrum Sidekick supports more seamless and outcome-oriented discussions that contribute positively to tracking the project's direction and momentum.

This GPT is designed to not only minimize wastage of time but also ensure that all team members stay aligned on project goals and are aware of any obstacles that may hamper progress.

Scrum Sidekick is tailor-made to meet the needs of any development team implementing an agile methodology and supports in maintaining transparency and communication throughout the project cycle.


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Scrum Sidekick was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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