Meeting planning 2023-02-28
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Efficient meeting support and automation.
Generated by ChatGPT

Inkdrop is an AI-powered meeting assistant that helps to make video meetings more efficient. It is powered by ChatGPT, an AI assistant that helps keep meetings short and on-topic.

It also helps to quickly turn conversations into minutes, follow-ups and tickets with just one click. Inkdrop also helps to reduce the number of meetings and Slack messages by allowing users to ask questions about past meetings in their company.

Additionally, Inkdrop is backed by a well-rounded team of builders and serial entrepreneurs in the AI space and has secured partnerships that believe in their mission.


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Pros and Cons


Efficient meeting support
One-click conversation transcription
Task and ticket generation
Meeting time reduction
Ask about past meetings
Backed by experienced team
Strong partnerships
Reduces Slack messages
30% meeting time saved


Limited to video meetings
Depends on ChatGPT
No multi-language support
Lacks task prioritization features
No integration with email
Relies on click actions
Unclear data privacy


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How can I use InkdropAI to reduce my meeting and Slack message volume?
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Who are the people behind InkdropAI?
How does InkdropAI's team impact its functions?
Who are the partners supporting InkdropAI's mission?
How can I try InkdropAI?
How does InkdropAI help to keep meetings short and on-topic?
Can InkdropAI turn a conversation into minutes and follow-ups with one click?
How does InkdropAI help to cut down on meetings and communications on Slack?
Who are the founders of InkdropAI?
Can InkdropAI really help me save 30% of my meeting time?
Is InkdropAI powered by AI?
Can I ask InkdropAI questions about past meetings?
How reliable is InkdropAI?

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